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When Every Day Feels Like Groundhog Day... Try This

Thinking back over 2020, it feels like we've all experienced the same thing/different day. Over...and over...and over again.

How can you shake things up and get back on track? Start by putting a more positive spin on your outlook.

The Optimism Advantage

Optimistic employees are 103% more inspired to give their best effort at work. That's an attitude that must start at the top.

According to a recent survey...

  • Only 13% of workers have a high level of optimism.
  • Nearly 33% of people have low or moderately low optimism.

Optimism can increase productivity, improve efficiency, and promote wellness - which has never been more critical.

Here's how you can promote optimism on your team.

Fake it till you make it.

Even if you're not at your most optimistic, a positive attitude can lead you in that direction. How can you boost optimism team-wide?

  • Change your language. Eliminate "can't," "won't" and "don't" from your vocabulary. Change it to, "How can we get this done?"
  • Review setbacks. When something goes wrong, don't push it aside; learn from it. It's the best way to ensure success next time.
  • Celebrate wins. Don't just dwell on failure; deconstruct successful projects, too. Focusing on the positive can keep your team more optimistic.
  • Surround yourself with optimists. They say you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. Seek out people who have a positive outlook.

Encourage work/life balance.

Most people recognize the importance of balance in maintaining a positive outlook, but it can be hard to put it into action. Encourage your team to take breaks, lunches, and vacations. When work piles up, it can be tempting to keep working away, but breaks are essential to preventing burnout and can make you more effective in the long run.

Work toward a common goal.

Be sure your team knows the "why" behind the goals they are expected to achieve. Share big-picture company objectives. It will help them feel like part of the team, not just a cog in the machine.

Develop your employees.

Increase optimism by showing your employees they have a real future with the company. Work with them to identify their skills and discuss their goals. Create an action plan with them to put them on track to climb the career ladder. You'll help them start their day with a smile because they know they are one step closer to their professional dreams.

Ready to Build an Optimistic Team?

Partner with an expert staffing and recruiting firm today. A great recruiter can help you hire people who have a natural sense of optimism and help you spread positivity to the rest of the team.